How to Make a Paper Snowflake

December 2, 2010 § 4 Comments

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Download Classic_Snowflake template (see step-by-step process below)
Download Reddit_Snowflake_Hexagonal template
Download Reddit_CoatofArms_Snowflake template

Design Spectacle


Reddit Coat of Arms

Original Reddit Snowflake

When I was living in residence at SFU, I came up with a creative way to procrastinate during December exam period: paper snowflakes! In the early days, I did them all freehand with kitchen scissors: Christmas trees, Santa, Santa’s toy sack, candy canes, ornaments, holly, wreaths, baby Jesus (complete with stable and sheep etc – see below). Eventually I learned I could be a lot more elaborate if I drew the initial shapes with pencil and used the aid of an x-acto knife where necessary. I started with a boy and girl kissing under the mistletoe and escalated to a silhouette of the Grinch dressed as Santa stealing Christmas with his reindeer dog. One year I made a Buffalo Sabers snowflake for my brother-in-law.

Baby Jesus, the stable and sheep

Buffalo Sabers Snowflake

Recently I made the alien/arrow snowflake near the top of this post for the Reddit Community, which I’ve become very fond of as of late (see my earlier post if you don’t know what Reddit is). It received a very warm response and a few people requested that I provide a do-it-yourself template.

Download original template here: Reddit_Snowflake or the proper Reddit_Snowflake_Hexagonal (not pictured)

I’ve also provided a step-by-step process to create a paper snowflake. You can apply the process to any of the templates!

Creating a Classic Snowflake

What you’ll need:

Template Classic_Snowflake, scissors (for the finer, more complicated snowflakes, an x-acto knife is a necessity)

STEP 1: Cut out the large circle

STEP 2: Fold in half along the dotted line so that the wedge with the image is on the leftmost side.

STEP 3: Flip over and fold back the image wedge along the dotted line.

STEP 4: Flip over again, and fold back the right wedge so that it lines up with the others. At this point, your piece of paper should look like the below image.

*Make sure that you have made your folds accordion-style:

STEP 5: Cut out the smallest gray parts first

STEP 6: Cut out the remaining gray areas

STEP 7: Unfold



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